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New challenges up ahead!

In several of Sweden’s county councils the patients can now access (at least parts of) their electronic health records online through a service called Journalen. In some county councils patients have had this possibility for a few years, whereas some has recently started to give the patients’ access. Within a year from now the plan is to provide this possibility to all patients no matter which county council they belong to.

For a few months patients logging in to Journalen have been presented with the opportunity to take part in a national survey study. Now the survey has been taken down and it is soon time to start analyzing the results. One of my bigger tasks during my time as a postdoc at Uppsala University is to lead this process! Within the next coming days I will collect a team of researchers who will, together with me, go through the results and decide on main themes to work with.

It will be very exciting to work with the national survey study since it is the largest follow-up study on the effects of Journalen which has been performed to date. There will, however, also be several challenges. The number of researchers involved will probably be very high and the same goes for the number of sub-tracks to follow in analysis and publications. Another challenge lies in the fact that patients from different county councils have, at least as it is today, access to different parts of their medical records (in some county councils the patients can e.g. only access results which the physicians have signed). The period of time which Journalen has been accessible to patients also differ between county councils. Thus, there will be challenges when it comes to analyzing and interpreting results.

I will continue to write posts about the work with the national survey study as the study moves along. I will, however, not write about things that are confidential or could interfere with a double-blind peer review process. Thus, I will not write about manuscripts being sent in for review or specific details from the results. When manuscripts have been accepted for publication I will of course write about that.


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