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A week filled with eHealth-related activities!

A few hours ago I arrived in Gothenburg for the NordiCHI 2016 conference and spent a little blog time on the train to catch up on the latest week’s activities. This week has really been all about eHealth. Among other things I got the chance to meet almost all other researchers being part of the DOME consortium!


The DOME meeting

During Wednesday and Thursday the week I took part in the DOME meeting (held twice a year), where almost all researchers within the DOME consortium participated. This was a very good opportunity for me to get to know everyone in the group. I felt really welcome and I’m very sure that I will enjoy my time within this consortium (which I hope can continue, at least part time, even after my postdoc period)!

The first day of the meeting included one presentation of a survey study and discussions about ongoing studies and other activities. After this meeting day most of the participants also joined to celebrate no less than three awarded grants (!) and to have dinner at a restaurant in Uppsala. The second day mostly consisted of presentations and discussions about future work within the DOME consortium.

Most of the presentations during the meeting were about studies performed by researchers within the DOME consortium. I have no intention of summing up all of them here, but two interesting themes were a concern among physicians about the patients being able to access their health records online, and the problem of differences in the information presented to patients between different county councils. Especially a presentation by Inera highlighted the difference between county councils. A big part of the problem seems to be that the county councils are the ones deciding what should be accessible.

That many physicians seem to be generally critical towards Journalen was clear and this was an issue revisited several times during the meeting days. This is one of the reasons why I’m really excited about working with the other big study (I have already introduced the national survey study in an earlier blog post) I am coordinating – an interview study focusing on medical staff and how their work environment has been affected by the introduction of Journalen. I will write more about this study in a later blog post.

Overall the meeting was a success, with many interesting discussion topics brought up, and I’m really looking forward to the next meeting in the middle of spring 2017! There were quite a few ongoing survey and interview studies discussed during the first meeting day and also quite a few planned activities brought up during the second day, so there are quite a few interesting status reports to look forward to.


Preparing for the NordiCHI conference

The other big activity for me this week was to prepare for the full day workshop “Designing E-Health Services For Patients & Relatives – Critical Incidents and Lessons to Learn” to be held during the first conference day (Sunday 23/10). The preparation was mostly about making a poster and printing it. I’m really looking forward to the workshop and also the conference as a whole.

I have been a part of many workshops, but this one is quite special for me since my contribution to the workshop is based on my own experiences as a patient with a chronical rheumatic disease! I have never before, in my research, made use of the fact that I’m a patient who has regular contact with both physicians and nurses. My contribution’s title is “Making a case for easily accessible electronic health records – A patient perspective on lack of availability of health information in critical situations” and in the position paper I use a scenario based on a critical incident from my own life. I will write another blog post about my contribution, and how it was received at the workshop, after the event.


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