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A new eHealth workshop is coming up!

A lot of things have happened since I started my work as a postdoc in Uppsala in September. Apart from starting off two large studies involving researchers from several universities in Sweden I have also been to two conferences and at NordiCHI I also contributed with a paper based on my own experiences as a patient.

Next up is yet another new challenge for me: for the first time I am co-organizing a workshop! The workshop is held 14/11 in Oslo, the day before the main EHiN-FH (EHealth in Norway Future Health) conference. This event will be special for me in many respects since I will not only work with organizing it but will also take part in a role playing activity (among the organizers) acting as a patient! I will of course write more about this after the event, but if you are a researcher within the eHealth area (especially a Swedish one, since we lack Swedish participants) you are also welcome to join and experience the workshop in person! You can read more about the workshop here and register (last day tomorrow, 7/11!) here if you are interested to join.

As I wrote in an earlier blog post I will try to add posts twice a week. I couldn’t really deliver this week, though, since I catched a terrible cold during NordiCHI which lasted for several days. Now I’m back in business again!  🙂


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