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Looking back at 2016


I will soon continue on my blog series about haptics as an interaction modality, but before I do I will take this opportunity to look back at 2016 before the new year begin. A lot of things have happened this year and quite a few of them have been unexpected. Before I continue I just want to point out that the image above, not in any way connected to my teaching or research, is taken by me in spring 2016. It’s there just because we are entering a new year and the image represent a kind of natural fire work.

The year started with some teaching and research at KTH within the scope of my newly started consulting company Jonas Moll Consulting. The teaching mostly concerned work within a course about haptics. I assisted in developing parts of that course back in 2011 and I have been a part of the course ever since. I usually grade individual literature reports, supervise labs, assess the technical heights of projects and hold a few lectures. I have really enjoyed working with this course and I hope I will be able to at least hold a few guest lectures on it next year as well. The research performed during spring mostly concerned thorough analysis of results and writing manuscripts to be submitted to journals. I will write more about the studies when the manuscripts have gone through the review process and been transformed into published articles. A small selection of preliminary results can, however, be found here (about interaction between vision, touch and hearing in multimodal virtual environments) and here (about using Twitter in a university course).

In May I got an email from a colleague about a new postdoc position, focusing on eHealth, at Uppsala University. It sounded very interesting since I had been working in a medical project before (collaboration between KTH and Karolinska Institutet) so of course I applied. A few weeks later I was called to an interview and quite soon afterwards it was confirmed that I got the postdoc job!  🙂

I started my work as postdoc 1/9 (at 70%, since I had accepted to work as a consultant in a course on communication before I knew about the postdoc position) and a lot has happened since then.

One of the first things I did was to start up two studies – one interview and survey study with physicians and nurses and one national survey study (the results had already been gathered, but analysis and reporting remained) – and invite researchers to join in. It turned out that quite a few wanted to be a part of the studies so now I’m leading two studies with 10 researchers in each. To complicate things further, these researchers are distributed among no less than six universities (one in Germany)! Almost all material is prepared for the interview/survey study, so we should be able to start quite early in spring after the ethical review. An initial visual inspection of the data from the national patient survey have already brought forward some interesting results and the next step is to bring everything into SPSS for detailed analysis. I will write more about the results from and progress of these studies later on.

Before I started my work at Uppsala University I had not been to that many conferences – my focus had been to write journal articles. That situation changed quite abruptly during this autumn. I visited three conferences during a period of two months! Two of them were held in Gothenburg and one in Oslo. The first conference I went to was the SweCog 2016 conference in Gothenburg. I wrote three blog posts about it (summary, Day 1, Day 2). I did not present anything during that conference. The second one was the NordiCHI conference in Gothenburg. This time I took part in a workshop and I did it from a patient’s perspective! This was the first time I could, in my research, use the fact that I have a chronic rheumatical disease. The research contribution can be found here for those who are interested and I also wrote a blog post about it. Here you can also find my overall summary of the conference. The last conference I attended was the EHiN (EHealth in Norway) conference in Oslo. This time I was one of the organizers behind a workshop, in which I again participated as a patient! The role play activity I took part in is summarized here and you can also find a summary of the whole conference here.

Other new things that happened to me during the last autumn were that I got the chance to be an invited speaker and that was interviewed for a podcast. I will write another blog post about these related events when the podcast has been made available online. In December I also joined a group who will work on a new EU proposal. Exciting, to say the least! During autumn I also, for the first time, took part in going through applications and interviewing persons who had applied to a new Ph.D. position.

So, quite a lot has happened since I woke up 1/1 2016, to say the least! I’m quite sure 2017 will also be an exciting year. I know that I will be doing some teaching in courses at Uppsala University, that we will conduct large studies and get numerous articles as a result and that I will write on applications and organize some workshops, but looking back at the last autumn I’m sure that quite a few surprises will pop up as well!  🙂


Happy New Year everyone!



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