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Interviewed on a podcast!

I hinted in earlier blog posts that I had been interviewed during December 2016 and today I got confirmation about that the podcast has been published! Åsa Cajander and I were invited to speak at an internal seminar at Södertörns högskola 14/12 last year. The focus of our presentation was on patient access to medical records online, and especially on the differences between the physicians’ and the patients’ views of the system.

We used the role play format yet again (as we did in this workshop) – Åsa played the physician who was concerned about the effects that online medical records could have and I played the patient who was positive towards most aspects of the online medical records. Presenting with Åsa at the seminar was overall a nice experience and the people in the audience (mostly associate professors in media technology) were very active and asked many interesting questions and came with ideas on what to look for in our upcoming studies.

After the seminar Åsa and I were interviewed on a podcast, which you can find here (in Swedish)! It was quite an experience for me, since I have never been interviewed before. The interview was based on the topics and results brought up to discussion during the seminar. If you listen to the short podcast you will, among other things, learn more about what Åsa and I work with at Uppsala University, and hear about some preliminary results from the large national patient survey study I’m currently leading.


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