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Study documents sent in for ethics review!



I have written in several blog posts that I’m leading a large study focusing on how patient access to medical records online has affected the work environment for nurses and physicians. The study was planned thoroughly during autumn 2016 and after a workshop, several meetings and a whole lot of writing we ended up with a plan, which I think will provide us with deep insights into the effects that the e-health system Journalen (used in Sweden to access your medical records) has had. Interviews, observations and a short survey will be used in the upcoming study.


During December and January I finalized the documents needed for the ethical review, with help from ass. prof. Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt who is also part of the research team (I will present everyone next time I write about the study). Last week, I sent the documents to the review committee. That was easier said than done! I had to send one single-side printed version of the entire application and on top of that 17 double-side printed copies of everything! The paper pile in the picture above was the end result. I hope they will find some new routines for submitting applications, since transmitting 4 kg of papers by a courier service is not efficient.


Ok, enough complaining. I’m very happy that the documents were submitted and that we will probably be able to start the study in March (even if the committee want us to change some things). This will be, by far, the largest study I have been a part of and I’m really looking forward to it! Journalen has been used for a little more than four years in the Uppsala County Council, so it is important to do this follow-up study to see what effects the system has actually had. Stay tuned for more!  🙂




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