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The team behind a new large patient survey on electronic health records in Sweden!


In my last blog post I introduced the research team behind an interview/survey/observation study focusing on how patients’ access to medical health records online affects the work environment for physicians and nurses. This is probably the largest study I will be working with during my time as postdoc at Uppsala University. The study focuses entirely on medical staff, but what about the patients’ experiences and attitudes? It is of course very important to consider those.

This brings me to the other large study, which is also a part of the DOME consortium, I will lead during my postdoc period – the national patient survey! More than 2500 patients have answered questions spanning over a wide range of topics and we are now analyzing all the data. I have already mentioned the study briefly in earlier blog posts, but this time I will introduce the team, just as I did for the other study. There is a large overlap in that most of the involved researchers are part of both studies;


Uppsala University:

·       Jonas Moll (I’m postdoc in Human-Computer Interaction at the IT-department and I lead this study)  [Researchgate]

·       Åsa Cajander (An associate professor in Human-Computer Interaction at the IT-department, who is the main responsible for the study and also the leader of the DOME-consortium)  [Blog] [Twitter] [Researchgate]

·       Isto Huvila (A professor in Information Studies at the ALM department)  [Blog] [Twitter] [Researchgate]


Karolinska Institutet:

·       Maria Hägglund (A researcher in Health Informatics with a Ph.D. degree in Medical Informatics, at the department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics)  [Blog] [Twitter] [Researchgate]


Royal Institute of Technology:

·       Christiane Grünloh (A Ph.D. student in Human-Computer Interaction at the School of Computer Science and Communication)  [Twitter] [Researchgate]


University of Skövde:

·       Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt (An associate professor in Computer Science at the IT-institution)  [Twitter] [Researchgate]

·       Hanife Rexhepi (A Ph.D. student in Information Technology at the IT-department)  [Twitter] [Researchgate]


Örebro University:

·       Gunilla Myreteg (An associate professor in Business Economics at the School of Business)  [Researchgate]

·       Isabella Scandurra (An assistant professor in Health Informatics at the School of Business)  [Twitter] [Researchgate]

With this patient survey study and the other interview/survey/observation study we will cover both the medical staff’s and the patients’ perspective. I am really looking forward to see what will come out of these studies!


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