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Presented at a seminar about our studies on electronic health records in Sweden


Earlier today, Åsa Cajander and I held the first lecture in a seminar series which is one part of the collaboration between our division (and especially the HTO group) at Uppsala University and the department “Elektronisk patientjournal” (EPJ) at Akademiska sjukhuset. EPJ’s primary task is to support care staff in planning and documenting the patients’ care process and this is one of the reasons why studies on electronic health records is of high interest to the group.


We used a presentation similar to the one we used during our visit to Södertörn University (see this blog post for a discussion about that presentation and the pod cast we were interviewed on). Åsa started by describing the DOME consortium and some key highlights from Journalen’s history. The main part of the presentation was devoted to a role-play activity, which we have tried several times now. As before, Åsa played the physician and I played the patient. Once again, that setup worked great and several questions from the audience (about 20 EPJ-members) were asked during that part of the seminar.


Apart from the introductory information, history walkthrough and the role-play (which was based on results from earlier studies with physicians and patients) I also presented some results from the national patient survey study I am leading and this part of the seminar also rendered a lot of questions and comments from the audience. The discussions about the survey study pretty much confirmed that we really have something interesting findings there! I ended the seminar by presenting our plans for the new observation/interview/survey study I am responsible for leading – very soon we will know a lot more about how patients’ access to their electronic health records will affect the work environment for physicians and nurses!

All in all, I am very pleased with the seminar and I especially appreciated the fact that the audience were engaged by asking questions and adding comments to the content Åsa and I presented. I hope we will have the opportunity to get back to EPJ later on and present key findings from the observation/interview/survey study (I really need to come up with a better name here!  🙂 ), which they were really interested in!


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