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Some thoughts about the last DOME consortium meeting in Skövde


I recently got back from a two day DOME consortium conference in Skövde. The researchers in DOME meet two times a year, usually to discuss current and future studies related to medical records online. The last time the conference was hosted by Uppsala University (I wrote about that conference in this blog post).

I really enjoyed going to Skövde and take part in the very inspiring conference. The first day focused on current activities performed within the consortium. Apart from discussions about the new research projects PACESS and DISA, a number of ongoing studies were brought up. I have already written an earlier blog post about the national patient survey, where I’m leading the analysis and publication work. During this DOME conference I presented some preliminary results from that study. The presentation gave rise to many interesting discussions about how to interpret the results and how to tackle the problem of there being different functions shown in Journalen in different county councils. I really think the discussions helped us a lot! Erebouni Arakelian, another researcher from Uppsala University, introduced a new cancer patient study. I found that presentation especially interesting since it was a much needed follow-up from earlier patient interviews conducted 2013 and the national patient survey I’m leading. Some questions were proposed and the other researchers were also invited to come up with ideas for questions. I think the DOME conference was the perfect setting for discussing ideas for a study that had not yet been carried out!

The second day was very interesting, since it was more of less a one-day workshop aiming at shaping the future of eHealth research within the DOME consortium. The picture above shows the new mission statement and some related research questions. On the yellow post-its the participating researchers wrote what they wanted from the consortium – our objectives for being a part of it. Later on we also added orange post-its where we wrote what we, as individual researchers, could contribute with to DOME. I especially emphasized that I was both a patient with a chronic rheumatical disease and an eHealth researcher. Åsa Cajander has written more about this activity on our HTO-blog (Åsa leads the HTO (Health, Technology & Organization) group, which I also belong to, at Uppsala University). Obviously, we are both very much looking forward to the next face-to-face meeting!




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