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DOME researchers presenting at Vitalis next week!


Next week on Wednesday DOME researchers will host a 1.5 hours session about patient accessible electronic health records (PAEHR) in Sweden, just before lunch at Vitalis! Many different topics will be covered such as;

  • The history behind the DOME consortium and PAEHR in Sweden (“Journalen”)
  • Results from studies with medical professionals
  • Results from the national patient survey
  • Medical records online for children
  • Opinions from users of Journalen
  • Preliminary results from ongoing studies

I have discussed our national patient survey in earlier blog posts and during the second DOME presentation slot Hanife Rexhepi and I will present some concrete results from that study! We will, among other things, present basic demographic data, usage behavior and attitudes towards different aspects of Journalen. Later on during the spring there will also be a journal manuscript submitted, but the presentation at Vitalis will be the first occasion where results from the study are presented in public!

Åsa Cajander (coordinator of the DOME consortium) and Isabella Scandurra will present some history and a few results from studies with medical professionals and Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt will lead the “sneak peak” session where a few new projects within DOME and some preliminary results from ongoing studies are discussed.

Apart from researchers within DOME, a few people from Inera (the company behind Journalen) – Maria Pettersson and Jenny Juremalm – and Martin Price from Uppsala county council will present results on medical records online for children and opinions from users.

I think this will be a great opportunity for us to reach out with our results and also a great opportunity for others to learn about DOME and the status of and attitudes towards patient accessible electronic health records in Sweden. I hope that many will show up and listen to us!





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Recently submitted a paper to Interact 2017!


Earlier this evening I submitted a short paper to the Interact 2017 conference, after a seemingly endless iteration of “let’s check all the details one last time”! The paper, on which I’m the second author, relates to the eHealth area and is based on a master’s thesis. If accepted, it will be my biggest paper contribution I have made this far during my time as a postdoc at Uppsala University. I will, of course, write more about the submission and introduce the other authors when a decision has been made after the blind review.

It is actually the case that I’m also one of the authors behind another Interact 2017 submission which was made earlier today. That one is more of a method paper related to eHealth and has a whole bunch of authors. I will get back to this paper as well when a decision has been made.

We will be notified in the beginning of June if the submissions have been accepted or not. Let’s hope for the best in both cases!  🙂


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Looking back at first part of 2017


Since we are now approaching Easter, I will take a look back at the quite busy first quarter of this year. I really don’t have a good summary picture, so I will go with a tawny owl (kattuggla) instead, which I photographed at my countryside last Easter (a couple has been occupying that hole for years).  🙂

Leading large research studies in eHealth

Quite a lot of my time has been devoted to working with (and leading) the two large eHealth studies I introduced here and here. At the end of January the ethical application for the observation/interview/survey study at Uppsala University hospital was sent in and a couple of weeks ago it was finally approved. I’m currently recruiting participants for the observation and interview activities, described here. In parallel I have been working, together with colleagues from several Swedish universities, on analyzing the results from the national patient survey and drafting a first publication about the study. We are still writing, but the current plan is to submit a journal manuscript before May is over.

Writing research grant applications

This is the first year that I have been working very actively with research grant applications and I must say I have really enjoyed it! For one of the applications, to the Swedish Research Council, I was the main applicant. I wrote most of the text and also assembled a group of researchers from four Swedish Universities who I thought would complement each other perfectly in carrying out the planned project. You can read more about this particular application here. I really learned a lot from this experience, so I definitely think I have gained something from this application process even if our proposed project is not funded. And if it is not – I will just assemble the team once again and give it another try!

The other application I have been working on is an EU grant application aiming at developing a kind of health coach to be used both in Sweden and Uganda – thus this application is within the eHealth area. The grant writing process was led by Meena Daivadanam from Uppsala University/Karolinska Institutet who is also the main applicant. Åsa Cajander and I will play key roles in the “technical component”, since we are the only IT people among the co-applicants. Apart from Sweden, researchers from Finland, Belgium, Uganda and Australia. The application was submitted two days ago – let’s see if we get lucky!  🙂


In the middle of March we had a traditional DOME consortium conference, this time in Skövde. I really enjoyed going there to meet all people that I work with in my studies in real life (normally we have regular Skype meetings, but that is not the same thing of course). It was also especially interesting to meet Bridget Kane again – the newest addition to the DOME consortium. We had referenced each other’s studies on multidisciplinary medical team meetings (this article is an example) quite a few times before we met at a conference at the end of last year! More can be read about the DOME conference in this blog post.

During these days I’m also preparing a presentation which Hanife Rexhepi and I will have at Vitalis, April 26. We are going to present preliminary findings from the national patient survey! I’m really looking forward to going to that conference and presenting with Hanife!

Apart from going to conferences I have also been working with conference papers. In a blog post from last year I wrote about a workshop where I participated as a patient. All participants eventually gathered again to write a paper about the workshop, but we recently got notified that the first attempt was unsuccessful. We will now try another conference, after taking the reviewer comments on the first version into account. I really like the fact that workshop participants actually forms a kind of research group and stay in contact, writing papers and so on! In parallel, I’m also writing on another conference paper about medical health records from the nurse’s perspective. And if that wasn’t enough I’m also writing on a full paper, about experiences from a recently held HCI course, for a pedagogical Conference.

Pedagogical courses

I have already written blog posts about a course on supervising oral presentations and a course on activating students, which I took during March. They required a lot of effort and time, but I really learned a lot from them. I’m currently also taking a pedagogical course on grading criteria, examination and feedback, which I will write more about after the last course day.


Apart from research, I have also done some teaching in a basic course in human-computer interaction. Specifically, I have been responsible for reading seminars. I also managed to squeeze in a guest lecture on design of advanced medical information systems and analysis Tools.

Ok, I think that was all. The first part of the spring term has been great and now I’m really looking forward to the second half – the part of spring where we will conduct our large eHealth study at Uppsala University hospital!!


Happy Easter!


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Recently submitted my first ever research grant application!

One thing I have not mentioned in this blog before is that I’m one of the researchers behind the newly started network “Nordic Network on ICT and Disability”. This network gathers researchers from universities in Sweden and Denmark, focusing specifically on technology support for people with deafblindness. The reason why I’m a part of the network is primarily that I have developed some multimodal interfaces (based on haptic and audio feedback) for collaboration between sighted and visually impaired pupils in primary school (you can read this article and this conference proceeding for a summary of that work).

I have been thinking about writing a research grant proposal with a group of researchers belonging to the above mentioned network, ever since I joined it. And this year it finally happened! 😀  During a grant club in the middle of March, where several researchers from my division at Uppsala University gathered to write research grant proposals for a day, I ended up with a draft which felt close enough (read more about the very well organized grant club here). The draft was used as basis for discussion in a Skype-meeting with some other members of the network, after which we finally ended up with a research plan everyone felt comfortable with. It was submitted to the Swedish Research Council. I wrote most of the text, but it would never have worked without all the valuable input I got from my colleagues (most of them also co-applicants) both in the form of comments and addition of text chunks.

The proposed research focuses mainly on haptic feedback and how it can be used to support pupils with deafblindness in collaboration with sighted pupils – thus the focus is quite close to the research with visually impaired pupils which I, and several of the other co-applicants, were working on before.

The co-applicants are:

Apart from the above mentioned co-applicants, Charlotte Magnusson ([Research gate]) is also a part of the proposed project as a resource person from CERTEC.

I really believe in this team, since we complement each other in a very good way and we also belong to universities in Sweden which are in the top regarding research on assistive technologies and collaborative haptics. We of course hope the project will be funded, but in case it is not I really hope this team gathers again in search for other possible grants!

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A new eHealth research adventure is about to start!


The ethics application I wrote about quite a while ago, regarding a new large observation/interview/survey study conducted by DOME researchers, has now finally been approved! This means that a new eHealth research adventure will now begin for the research team (presented here)! The following parts are planned for this study:

·         Five full-day observations with nurses at different divisions of the Oncology department at Uppsala University hospital. The focus here is on use of technology in the daily activities

·         Interviews with 20 physicians and 20 nurses at the Oncology department, focusing on how patients’ access to electronic health records has affected the work environment and means of communication.

·         A short survey handed out to physicians and nurses, focusing on attitudes towards patient accessible electronic health records.

This will be one of the largest follow-up studies on the effects of patient accessible electronic health records in Sweden to date, so, needless to say, I’m very excited about being able to start the work now!!!

I will continue to write blog posts with updates about the ongoing work, but I will not give out any detailed results until they are published. Stay tuned!  🙂