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A new eHealth research adventure is about to start!


The ethics application I wrote about quite a while ago, regarding a new large observation/interview/survey study conducted by DOME researchers, has now finally been approved! This means that a new eHealth research adventure will now begin for the research team (presented here)! The following parts are planned for this study:

·         Five full-day observations with nurses at different divisions of the Oncology department at Uppsala University hospital. The focus here is on use of technology in the daily activities

·         Interviews with 20 physicians and 20 nurses at the Oncology department, focusing on how patients’ access to electronic health records has affected the work environment and means of communication.

·         A short survey handed out to physicians and nurses, focusing on attitudes towards patient accessible electronic health records.

This will be one of the largest follow-up studies on the effects of patient accessible electronic health records in Sweden to date, so, needless to say, I’m very excited about being able to start the work now!!!

I will continue to write blog posts with updates about the ongoing work, but I will not give out any detailed results until they are published. Stay tuned!  🙂


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