Academic writing

About turning master’s thesis reports into scientific articles

I’m currently working on transforming a master’s thesis report, related to effects of patient accessible electronic health records, into a journal article together with some colleagues. In this particular case the work is mostly about prioritizing and cutting. Hopefully, the manuscript will be ready for submission in the beginnng of next week.
This is not the first time I have been involved in this kind of activity since I started at Uppsala University – a few weeks ago I submitted another eHealth related article, based on a master’s thesis, to Interact!

In both the above (and other similar) cases researchers rewrite/adjust the report after request from the students and submit the resulting article to a conference/journal, keeping the students as authors (of course). In some cases, like the one I’m working on right now, the student is also actively involved in the report transformation process.

I really like the idea of researchers turning master’s thesis reports into proceedings or journal articles for several reasons:

  • The work performed, which is in most cases of high quality, will most probably reach a much larger audience
  • Researchers/teachers who have supported/supervised the student during the work will get a publication for the effort (the supervisor is often part of the “transformation process”)
  • The student will get a chance to be an author of a scientific article – could prove valuable especially if the student wants to continue working with research.

I’m currently supervising two master’s thesis students who have reached very interesting conclusions regarding usability testing of eHealth applications. Hopefully, the result can be yet another report forming the basis for a journal article!


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