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I’m soon going to a summer school in Dublin!

Tomorrow, I’m off to Dublin for the first week of the EIT Health/ACM SIGCHI e-Health Summer School 2017! This two weeks summer school (the second week, in August, we are in Stockholm and Uppsala) is based on user-centered design of e-Health and m-Health systems. This will actually be my first ever summer school experience and I’m really excited about it!

There are 36 participants in total – both Ph.D. students and postdocs. Several of my colleagues from Uppsala University (Åsa Cajander, Diane Golay and Ida Löscher) and also my colleague Christiane Grünloh from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) are among the participants! To top it all off Åsa Cajander and Jan Gulliksen (professor in HCI and Dean of the School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH during most of the years I worked there) are among the organizers. 

Most of the participants will stay at Trinity Hall during the summer school week (including Ida, Diane and me). Most of us will arrive tomorrow and leave on Saturday 1/7. The summer school will be held at Foster Place, at walking distance (about 4 km) from Trinity Hall. 

The program for the week in Dublin looks very interesting! Several lecturers are involved and a wide range of topics will be covered. Apart from the lecture series there will also be a project assignment which student groups will work on during the week and which will be presented during the last day. 

The program seems well thought through – it will most definitely be an eventful and interesting week. I will try to write blog posts about my experiences from the summer school regularly during the week. 


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