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EHealth summer school participants are staying in touch!

About a week has gone by since the ACM SIGCHI/EIT Health summer school in Dublin and Stockholm/Uppsala ended. The eHealth summer school really gave a great learning experience and an opportunity to meet many researchers from similar fields. I miss both the full days of varying activities and the other participants, of course. But as I wrote in my latest blog post about the last day of the summer school, some of the participating Ph.D. students started a new community, which includes all participants and organizers.

The main communication channel for the new eHealth community is Slack and I’m very happy to see that there is already a lot of communication going on there, involving several participants! There are e.g. several hints about important conferences in fields related to eHealth and mHealth, reactions to a published journal and pictures from the summer school. Several of the participants, and the organizers, are also active on Twitter and interact quite a lot with each other’s tweets. Taking part in this ongoing communication among the participants leads me to believe that we will stay in touch for a long time ahead.

As a matter of fact, one of the summer school participants from Italy, Leysan Nurgalieva, will come to Uppsala University and work in our HTO research group for a few months, beginning later this autumn! Christiane Grünloh (who stay in Uppsala this entire week), Åsa Cajander and I spent Monday afternoon with Leysan discussing our respective research interests and possible collaborations. I’m excited about this, but will not write more about it here, since I know that there will be another blog post about Leysan’s visit showing up on our HTO blog soon.

I ended my last blog post stating that it would probably not be the last blog post I would write related to the summer school participants, and it clearly wasn’t! Now I’m positive there will be many more.

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