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A very productive week at Uppsala University!

This week has been very eventful and productive, which is one of the reasons why this is my first blog post for this week. 

First of all, I submitted, according to plan, two papers to the SweCog 2017 conference at Uppsala University. The title of the first one is “Using Eye-Tracking to Study the Effect of Haptic Feedback on Visual Focus during Collaborative Object Managing in a Multimodal Virtual Interface”. I wrote that together with my KTH colleague Emma Frid and it’s about a pilot study based on a collaborative version of the application described here. The other paper’s title is “Haptic communicative functions and their effects on communication in collaborative multimodal virtual environments”. I wrote this one in collaboration with my KTH colleague and former supervisor Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander and it containes a short summary of our work on haptic communicative functions. If these are accepted I will present the first one and Eva-Lotta the second – I really hope we will get this opportunity to do something together at that conference! I will of course write more about this when I find out if the papers have been accepted or not. 

During this week I have also worked on a workshop proposal for Uppsala Health Summit, together with my colleagues Åsa Cajander and Christiane Grünloh. The focus of the workshop is the usage of data for diagnoses and treatment of cancer. We are not entirely sure the workshop will happen, but I think changes are good. It would definitely be a great experience to organize a workshop at Uppsala Health Summit! I will of course keep you updated on the development. 

And the writing activities did not end there – I’m very happy to conclude that a journal manuscript, based on a master’s thesis, is now very close to a submittable state! I spent several hours moving everything to a Latex template (some of those templates are hopeless!) and if nothing unexpected happens the manuscript can  most probably be submitted next Monday if everyone is ok with it! I will write a new post about it, and introduce all authors, after submission. 

I also went to some very fruitful meetings – one about the observation/interview/survey study at the Oncology department which I have been writing about before and two about a very interesting opportunity to follow the implementation process of a new feature in Journalen, the patient accessible electronic health record system in Sweden. I will be more specific later on when information has been made public. 

Aside from the research activities mentioned above I also started the planning process for my department’s introductory course on HCI, which I will be responsible for this autumn, together with my colleague Mohammad Obaid. I will write a separate post about our plans for the course later. 

So, a very productive work week indeed which ended at KTH, where Susanna Heyman defended her thesis in style! So I guess it’s safe to conclude that her week was quite productive as well :). The picture to this blog post was taken by me in Öregrund last Friday, on the way to our country side on Gräsö. 


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