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Join our workshop on the use of patient data for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, at Medical Informatics Europe!


My last two blog posts were about a paper and another paper that were accepted for presentation at Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) in April. Now, the time has come to introduce the workshop that was accepted to the same conference. I am the main organizer of the workshop, which we gave the title “Identifying the Need of Self-reported Data and Self-measurements for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer”. The co-organizers are Åsa Cajander, Christiane Grünloh and Isabella Scandurra.

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about a workshop that Åsa Cajander (main organizer), Christiane Grünloh and I are organizing at Uppsala Health Summit in June. The workshop at MIE is similar, but this workshop focuses entirely on patient data and not use of data in general. There are numerous data sources that can be used as basis for diagnoses and treatment of cancer today, but self-tracking data from patients is usually not on that list of sources. Self-tracking data can say a lot about e.g. daily progress and response to treatment so there is a great unutilized potential there. In this workshop, we will discuss current possibilities and challenges when it comes to utilizing this data for diagnosis and treatment. The discussion will bring in different perspectives, like e.g. technology, ethics, laws and data accessibility.

The workshop will build a lot on the critical incidents technique. The method, as well as an example of use, is explained in this and this blog posts about a workshop held at NordiCHI in 2016. Our MIE workshop will start off with discussions about some real-life critical incidents related to lack of (or utilization of) patient data. The discussions will lead to the creation of a few scenarios, related to key stakeholders (like patients and physicians) which will illustrate what is needed to make better use of already existing data as well as new kinds of data (e.g. self-tracking) for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

This is the workshop abstract:

Today, numerous data sources are available to healthcare professionals for diagnosing and treating cancer, but there are also data captured by patients, e.g. related to daily progress, which are not readily accessible to healthcare. In this workshop, we will use the critical incidents technique to inspire participants to elaborate on the need of using new data collections and measurements, for example from continuous self-tracking, as well as utilizing already existing data in new ways for diagnoses and treatment of cancer. Real-life critical incidents related to patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers, will be discussed and used as a basis for scenarios that will illustrate future visions of how self-reported data and self-measurements should be used in combination with existing data sources.

You are very welcome to join our workshop at MIE! I will write a new blog post when I have the specific times when the workshop will be held and when the two papers will be presented.


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