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Looking forward to a very busy conference week at the end of April!


One month from now, at the end of April, I will have some very busy days in Gothenburg at the Vitalis 2018 and Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) 2018 events. The same goes for several other colleagues within the DOME consortium. I have already written a few blog posts about some papers and a workshop accepted to MIE and a DOME session at Vitalis. A few days ago, the MIE conference programme was published online. You can find it here (for the moment, PDF-files for the different presentation types can be downloaded).

It turns out that I will be directly involved in activities during all three conference days! This has never happened to me before – in earlier conferences I have been an active participant in a presentation or workshop one day and a more passive participant the remaining days. So, this will definitely be a challenging first-time experience!

Everything starts with the presentation “Medical Records Online for Patients and Effects on the Work Environment of Nurses” which Åsa Cajander and I will have during the last session of the first day’s (April 24) afternoon (room F5). You can read about our paper in this post. I’m glad that I will start with this particular presentation since the other ones involve many more persons and a lot more coordination. The only thing that makes me sad about this particular conference session is that it runs in parallel with another session (room F2) where the paper “Timing it right – patients’ online access to their record notes in Sweden” is presented – the other MIE-paper I’m involved in (presented here). The presentations are, however, not exactly in parallel, so maybe Åsa and I will have time to sneak out and join Maria Hägglund when she presents the “timing paper”.

During the Wednesday, I don’t have any presentation at MIE, but as I wrote in this blog post I’m joining several other DOME colleagues in a Vitalis presentation during the afternoon that day. We had a great time during our session last year and I’m positive we will have a great time together again! This time we will work with professionals to e.g. get help regarding presentation formats and framing of key messages. Wow – I’m really looking forward to see what we will come up with this time for our 2-hour session (13-15 in room A5).

During the last conference day, April 26, we have the workshop “Identifying the Need of Self-reported Data and Self-measurements for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer” (10:30-12:00 in room R22). The workshop and the other organizers are presented here. This is the very first workshop I have been the main organizer of, and I’m really looking forward to the experience of carrying it out this day! The topic is very important and the workshop will also be a very good test run of the setup which we will use at the larger workshop at Uppsala Health Summit later on in June. It will certainly be a challenge to run the workshop, especially after the first two days of presentations.

Everything that is presented at MIE will be published with Open Access, so I will get back to this topic again when I have links to the papers. I will of course also write about my experiences from the different presentations and the workshop as well as the conference experience as a whole. But why wait for a post about the presentations – if you are at MIE you should of course drop by and experience them, as well as the workshop, on site! 🙂



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