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Some comments on this year’s Research Grand Prix final


As I wrote in my latest blog post my colleague Hanife Rexhepi participated in this year’s Research Grand Prix final, which took place last Tuesday in Stockholm. The whole event started out with a short introduction by the Swedish actor and comedian Måns Nilsson who was the host of the event. During this introduction he also introduced and talked shortly with the three jury members Katrin Sundberg (Swedish director, actress and writer), Patrik Hadenius (CEO at Utgivarna, an interest organization for Swedish publicists) and Agnes Wold (Swedish senior physician and professor in clinical bacteriology). The jury members focused on different aspects of the presentations – Katrin focused on the performance on stage, Patrik focused on how easy it was to understand the presented research and Agnes focused on how well the research processes were described by the finalists.

After the introduction, the finalists presented one after the other. As I said in my last blog post, the presentations were very short (max 4 minutes) and the given time frame was probably the toughest part of the presentations. It’s certainly not easy to pick a small and yet interesting problem from your years of research and then describe it in four minutes so that everyone can understand its significance, while at the same time delivering a performance up on the stage! After each presentation each jury member gave the presenter some comments based on their focus aspect (performance, understandability and process clarity), after which each of them gave a point in the range 1-5.

Hanife was the second one, out of the seven finalists, to go up on the stage and deliver her research presentation. She did a perfect job on all levels! She remained calm during the entire presentation and delivered all parts of it with confidence, just as I knew she would. She had named her presentation “The tale of your patient record”. The tale started when Uppsala County Council made it possible for patients to access their medical records online in 2012 and the presentation ended with a note that some people in the audience might participate in future studies and in that way help the researchers write the next chapter! The jury members were also very happy with her presentation. Katrin really liked the tale setting and Hanife’s overall performance on stage. Patrik thought the research was presented in a way that made it really easy to follow and understand. Agnes was also very happy with the description of the research process. In the end, Hanife got 4 points from Patrik and 5 from the other jury members, placing her on a shared second place with regards to the jury points.

After all presentations there was a break with a dance performance on stage and after a few minutes it was time for the audience to vote! Before a particular finalist received points (1-5) from the voters s(he) held a mini 30 minutes presentation to remind the voters what the presentation was about. After this reminder we got 10 seconds to cast our votes.

Unfortunately, Hanife did not get one of the first three positions in the competition. The winner was Rezan Güler from Royal Institute of Technology, who held a great four minutes presentation about how one can customize proteins for beating cancer. You can see a picture of all finalists here as well as a description of all of them. On that page you can also find a link to youtube, where you can see the entire final! I can really recommend it to those who understand Swedish!


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