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More conference papers coming up!

In my two latest blog posts I have written about conference papers that were presented at the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) 2022 and subsequently published. MIE is not the only conference I have submitted papers to this year – three papers were also submitted to Frontiers In Education 2022 which will be held in Uppsala in October 8-11 this year. Two papers were accepted for presentation and publication and those will be published after the conference.

One of the papers, which I wrote together with my colleague Shang Gao, is titled “Awarding Bonus Points as a Motivator for Increased Engagement in Course Activities in a Theoretical System Development Course”. I led the work on this paper. It focuses on our efforts with implementing a gamification approach (bonus point awarding system) in the course “System development theory” which we have taught together during spring 2020 and spring 2021. When published, this will be my very first pedagogic article that focuses on gamification, but it will surely not be the last!

The other paper, which I wrote together with my colleague Ann-Sofie Hellberg is titled “An effective online learning for complex theoretical content: experience of Community of Inquiry”. Ann-Sofie led the work on this paper. It focuses on experiences with implementing a new theoretical course component, based on the Community of Inquiry, in a course in interaction design that we have been teaching on since spring 2020.

I’m really looking forward to come back to Uppsala to take part in the conference, and also to meet some colleagues from my time as a postdoc at Uppsala University. There is an “early bird” registration deadline on September 12 according to the web page, so it is still possible to register for a reduced fee in case you want to participate in the conference. I will write more about the conference and the above mentioned papers later on during the autumn.

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