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Just became member of the eHealth council at National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden!

Yesterday, it was confirmed that I’m now, after being nominated by Åsa Cajander, the representative for “Education” on the council for eHealth and national information structure (e-hälsorådet) at the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in Sweden! The board is a government agency under the Ministry of Health and Social affairs, with a wide range of tasks related to health, patient safety, etc. Read more about the board here. When it comes to eHealth the board’s responsibilities are related to interdisciplinary terminology and development/management of the national information structure. These are the areas where the e-health council should give the board guidance.

The eHealth council consists of representatives from several different areas, like:

The area I will represent is education – the plan is that national information structure should be a topic taught at universities later on. I really hope I will get the chance to make significant contributions in this role (as I do in all my research 😉 )! I also hope that I will be able to make use my own research here and of the fact that I’m actually a patient who has quite a lot of experience with the health care system in Sweden. A patient’s perspective could be valuable in such a council. Let’s see what I can bring to the table!  😀